Make it better before it gets worse. Don't let a trip become a fall

The current global economic environment is a symptom of our current species dis-ease. In abundant times humans are often more generous and easy-going. In tough times the challenge is to stay that way and thankfully New Zealand culture seems to largely reflect this. Tough times can bring people together or foster an ‘everyone for themselves’ attitude that separates us. To build personal, group and business resilience and to stay resilient in tough times the following 5 strategies will help.

1.Get clear about what you (your team or organisation) stand for. Rather than considering what you want to do or be or have, consider the way you want to feel about your relationship with yourself, with others, and with your wider world. This will provoke an exploration of purpose - the 'Why?' you are doing what you do. A clear purpose gives everyone involved meaning for day-to-day activity that is stimulating and growth promoting as you strive to fulfill that purpose authentically.

2.Realise that to experience life the way you really want to will involve addressing and working through anything that is in the way of that. As you make the distinctions between obstacles to be overcome and sign posts pointing you in a new direction, your growth will go through accelerations.

3.Create a habit of 'noticing and choosing'. The more willing you are to 'notice', the more emotionally intelligent you will become as you see emotional responses as informing your behaviour instead of controlling it.

4.Practise making corrections along the way instead of protecting egoic realities, especially regarding language. Notice your language. For example, how often do you say 'I hate…' when you don't really mean it? How often do you say “I don't care' when you really mean 'I don't mind'? How often do you say 'but' when you could be more inclusive by saying 'and' instead?

5.Accept that you can choose to be respectful and kind even when you are not feeling these things being reciprocated. Your own behaviour says more about you than someone else's. When we mind our own business and cease to judge others, we have much more energy available to focus on our own dreams and work together to help others achieve theirs.

The essence of making things better before they get worse is to notice – and choose. Taking moments to consciously breathe and feel 'how am I/we?' in any given moment helps us get off 'autopilot' and take charge of ourselves, and our lives. It's all about personal responsibility – notice and choose, notice and choose.

Amanda Fleming

About Amanda Fleming Amanda Fleming is Director of Presenter At Large Ltd, an organisation dedicated to presenting highly stimulating and effective learning events that produce lasting positive results.

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