What you really want is ......

Yesterday a client I spoke to was walking me through their offer and their service delivery for the product they sell.

When they'd finished, I paused and thought about what they had said, then something really interesting occurred to me.

Not once did they actually talk about the Transformation of Conditions (TOC) for their client.

As in what will actually CHANGE for their client as a RESULT of their product or service

*Not once *

This is not an unusual situation - and it exists in almost EVERY company that I work with.

*There is a focus on PRODUCT but not on OUTCOME. *

One of my mentors once said to me “your client, for the most part “endures’ your service to get the outcome of the product”

What did he mean by that?

Well he’s a fairly "cryptic cat" at the best of times but what he really meant by that was if you think about most of your buying experiences, sadly, the service component is what you, in many cases have to "put up with" in order to get the outcome

Which raises a really great question…

*How difficult are you making it for people to simply deal with you? *

The other day I made 3 calls through to a client that had enquired about training for their sales manager.

I got their voice prompted options menu thingy, tried about three different department combinations and then gave up

These guys are a leading brand in fashion and you can’t even get through to them to buy anything


So my questions for you to ask yourself or your team at your next sales meeting…

*How much are we focussing on our process rather than the outcome our clients want ? *


*How hard are we making it for people to buy from us? *