About My Corporate Guide

In 2008 Rizbie Yunus, formerly the Commercial Manager of APN and VP Marketing for Ban Crime Global launched MAS Strategy - online publishing house, digital development and marketing consultancy. Rizbie has an extensive portfolio after investing over 10 years in media, marketing and business leadership roles. Rizbie is a director of MAS Strategy, My Wedding Guide, My Golf Guide and a Business Mentor for Business Mentor NZ as well as a marketing adviser for iconic NZ businesses.

At the end of 2010, the first ‘niche online directory’ was launched, focusing completely on the New Zealand market at this stage.

My Wedding Guide was launched into a market that already had 29 small online directories dedicated to it. Currently My Wedding Guide is the #1 online directory in the wedding industry in NZ with the largest database and active users.

This has resulted in launching the new members to the family - My Corporate Guide with Ann Andrews, using her experise in this field to manage and operate the business.

Rizbie believes niche directories are the natural evolution of the online directory market, and an online platform for a whole industry is vital when your customers are a generation of people who want information at their fingertips ever faster.

Rizbie Yunus Bbus (Marketing & Management)
MD My Corporate Guide
MD My Wedding Guide
MD My Golf Guide
CEO MAS Strategy
Business Mentor