Top 10 skills for the future of your business career

Do you know ( or have) the top 10 skills needed for project managers and leaders?

You already know that the new, virtual workplace requires new ways of communicating and leading your projects, teams and organizations. How confident are you that your people have those skills- or know how to develop them?

According to a recent study from the University of Phoenix the top ten skills needed for managers in the next 10 years are:

•Sense making •Social intelligence •Novel and adaptive thinking •Cross-cultural competency •Computational thinking •New-media literacy •Transdisciplinarity •Design mindset •Cognitive load management •Virtual collaboration What are you doing to develop the skills your organization needs to survive and thrive in the next few years?

A look at the list of skills needed for the new workplace shows that, on top of what leaders and project managers have always had to be able to do , there are two new areas that we need to focus on.

•Using the right technology to communicate effectively •Delivering and deciphering all the information that comes at us in a useful way. Using technology well can enhance relationships and organization intelligence. How confident are you that the people in your company use it well?

Wayne Turmel

About Wayne Turmel Wayne Turmel is an ex comedian turned writer, speaker and consultant. He is the president of and host the business podcast - The Cranky Middle Manager Show

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