How effective is your team?

The idea behind this questionnaire is for people to answer the questions on their own, and then for someone to facilitate team members sharing their scores. It is important to create a set of ground rules as you do this exercise – something like:

•It’s OK to see things differently •Take this opportunity to be open and honest •The purpose of the exercise is to make us stronger as a team •If we don’t know the problem we won’t be able to fix them

Scoring: 1 = Strongly Disagree 2 = Disagree 3 = No opinion on this either way (please don’t use this as a cop out) 4 = Agree 5 = Strongly Agree

1.We have a clearly articulated team goal 2.Everyone buys into that goal 3.We have clearly defined targets as individuals and as a team 4.We focus on results and not personalities 5.We meet regularly to check progress 6.We have access to all information we need to assess progress 7.We communicate openly and honestly 8.We have a solid process for disagreements between team members 9.We support each other through the tough times 10.If someone is quiet and someone else is busy, we help each other out

Scoring: Count the number of responses and total the scores:

35 – 50 If people have answered honestly, then this will be an excellent team environment. Don’t forget though, that there’s always room for improvement in ANY team

25 – 35 Good though some work is required to get the team functioning more effectively

15-25 The team clearly needs to do some work. My suggestion would be to choose ONE thing to work on as a team and review how people now view that aspect after a few weeks of everyone putting some time and effort into it.

Ann Andrews CSP MD The Corporate Toolbox

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