12 ways to healthy happiness

Before I begin discussing the 12 ways, I want to talk to you about the benefits of being happy and positive.

As you know your immune system helps you fight infection on a daily basis. It is said that we, as humans, have 4-5 episodes of cancer in our lifetime. The difference between whether it is expressed as a full blown cancer or not depends upon our immune system.

If you are negative and depressed your immune system will not be in tip top form ready to combat disease. On the flip side, if you are a happy person your immune system will function at a higher more productive state, ready to fight your battles!

I recommend you choose to be happy so you can be healthier. Life is much easier and delicious when you do.

Now the 12 ways to Healthy Happiness:

  1. Realize your potential. You have seeds of greatness inside of you waiting to be expressed. Deep down inside of you is the desire to grow and share that potential. Work on fine tuning your gifts so you can add your value to others.

  2. Dare to dream. It doesn’t cost you a penny to dream. The work comes after you dream to make it come true.

  3. Hand off draining work. I am an impatient person. One piece of work that I find drains my energy is learning how to run computer software programs and set up social media pages. What I do is find people that love to spend the time to do that, luckily for me it is Michael, my amazing husband. That way I am allowed to do what I love to do most. Hand it off, you’ll be happier.

  4. Spend time with a love one. For me it is with Michael and my daughters.

  5. Love what you do. All I can say is life is to short to be doing something you don’t love. Look at it this way. You have a blank canvas in front of you which represents your life. And in your right hand is your paintbrush. What are you going to paint? A life you love or a life you hate? Its your choice = )

  6. Have an unstoppable attitude. Never, ever, ever give up on your goal or dream! However if it is killing you then I encourage you to stop and come up with a new one. Your life is worth too much for you to die while chasing your dream.

  7. Watch what you are thinking: 65,000 is the number of thoughts the average person has each day. 80% of those thoughts are negative. They are self-limiting and prevent you from expressing your full potential. So be very careful what you are thinking because You Are Listening to it all.

  8. Exercise. It’s good for you. Enough said.

  9. Take time to be alone. The older I get the more I know that I need to be alone to think.

  10. Develop your friendships. True friends encourage you and love you even when you are not your best. Have a few close friends that are there for you and you for them. We just can’t do this journey on our own.

  11. Enjoy the journey while you are heading towards your destination. I catch myself rushing through things while I am heading for a goal. I start to feel anxious and just plain stressed. It’s then that I have to remind myself to enjoy the journey. Enjoy the journey.

  12. Prayer and meditation. I am a woman of faith and love God with all my heart. So prayer is my way of being quiet with God. If that is not for you, that’s ok. I just want to encourage you to connect to a Higher Power to get recharged and grounded.

Hope that helps your Happiness level.