Clare Feeney

Being based in New Zealand, I’m lucky to live and work in an outstanding and varied natural environment and a dynamic cultural environment. Past work experience overseas and regular travel as part of my work keeps me open to the wonderful things about other places and the exciting new ideas I’m introduced to by the people I meet there.

Solid academic training in the natural sciences saw me working for three years in universities in Australia and New Zealand after gaining my Masters degree. Together with the following twelve years experience in water and soil management for regional government and fifteen years as a co-founder of a small environmental consulting collective, this has enabled me to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a wide range of scientific and environmental issues that impact businesses.

Clients I’ve worked with include central, regional and local government, in universities and with manufacturers, farmers, first peoples, community groups and water supply, stormwater and sewerage utilities (I haven’t fallen in yet!).

I’ve become fascinated by the threats and opportunities that emerge where business and environment meet and give several lectures a year on this to undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Auckland.

At present I’m immersed in writing a series of books on business productivity and the environment while continuing my keynote speaking and environmental training for a range of businesses and government agencies.

2009 concluded with my winning two prestigious awards – the "Bright Star of the Year 2009 - NSANZ Auckland" award in December and the NZARM Outstanding Contribution” Award in November. Click here to download more about these awards.

I’ve also won speaking awards at two of New Zealand’s foremost technical conferences, including best presented paper at the Waste Management Institute Conference and at the Water and Wastes Association (now Water New Zealand) conference – this latter, for a presentation on environmental training, being the first time in it’s then 45-year history that the Association had ever given such an award for a non-technical paper.

My current challenge is finding enough time for family and friends and getting out there into the natural environment for restoration and inspiration….

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