The Art of Health

Corporate Health Education Seminars, Inspirational Presentations, Tailor-made Programs, One-on-One Health and Life Coaching in person or remotely worldwide. * Check out the FREE CORPORATE QIGONG TRAINING offer for one lucky company! *

The Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing offers cutting-edge advice and education on well... the art of health and science of wellbeing!

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Being healthy is a prerequisite if you wish to experience personal happiness, and this in turn will bring satisfaction, productivity and effectiveness in the workplace - I can show you and your employees how to achieve all of this. Being happy and healthy IS a science, and once you know the formula you can follow it to achieve your personal and work goals.

After many years of chronic illness which led to several years unable to work, and the ensuing journey and climb back to health, I have a wealth of information and wellness strategies to share with you. This includes over 10,000 hours of professional training in several state of the art methods for:

  • preventing illness ever have to occur (yes, it is possible - how would it be if your staff didn’t get physically or mentally unwell?)
  • recovering health when it has been lost... without medication (yes, also possible and relatively simple when you know how)
  • maintaining and building excellent health and wellbeing (our natural birthright, although many have forgotten this simple truth)
  • mastering emotional wellbeing and mental calm ( a prerequisite for a clear, focused mind, creativity and top productivity)
  • reducing and eradicating stress and being even more productive and effective without it! (and remember stress is the foundation of illness)
  • clearing blocks and sabotage to success so you can have success in any area of your life and fulfil your dreams


One of my specialities is positive transformation in ALL areas of life: ie, moving from experiences and results you don't want to outcomes that you do want. This can include work, friends, finances, health or any area of your life where you continually find yourself stuck or with an unwanted outcome. The 'energy psychology' techniques I employ work by IDENTIFYING AND CLEARING PROBLEMS AT THEIR ROOT, CAUSAL LEVEL - the only place where real, lasting change can take place.

I work one-on-one with clients and in groups, in person and remotely worldwide online. I am based in Auckland, New Zealand and travel nationally and internationally to teach.

I can offer: * small focus groups * health education seminars * inspiring presentations * online virtual training * hands-on workshops - all tailor-made for your company and your employees’ needs.


I particularly recommend my CORPORATE QIGONG training which gives employees simple, easy-to-use daily exercises for illness prevention, illness recovery and health maintenance. Just 10 minutes a day can transform physical and mental health.

In fact, I am SO…

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